meet the crew

Reina, Co-owner, manager,


IG: @reina_d_barboza

Francisco, Purchasing Manager, Owner, Budtender

IG: @cisco.onelovewellness

Sami, Budtender

IG: @sami.onelovewellness

Reina specializes in flower, concentrates, tinctures, and all things alternative medicine. She does a little bit of everything at the shop. Reina enjoys music, especially on vinyl and attending live shows. Mob collector and philanthropy. 

Francisco specializes in flower and concentrates. He is our expert when choosing cultivators, processors, and products to bring into our wellness focused dispensary. When Francisco is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

Sami enjoys cannabis research and helping patients find relief through alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys being a fur-mom of two sweet puppies and traveling with them and her partner. She aspires to open an animal sanctuary and rescure. 

There are of a couple of budtenders who are not shown or listed on here, for personal reasons. Thank you everyone!!!

We consider all of our customers part of our

One Love Family. 

One Love Wellness

One Love Wellness

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