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 meet the crew

Assistant Manager: Taylor 

IG: @batman_n_globbin

Taylor specialises in concentrates, flower,and glass pieces. If he isn't smoking people out, he is choking them out! He loves Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and loves watching UFC!

General Manager: Jessica 

IG: @jess.onelovewellness

Jessica specialises in all positions in the store. She runs the store like the Boss she is. Jessica enjoys planting and gardening, K-Pop, EDM, and gaming!

Co-owner, manager, budtender: Reina

IG: reina_d_barboza

Reina specializes in flower and tinctures.

She does a little bit of everything. Reina 

enjoys music, especially on vinyl. Mob 

collector and philanthropy. 

Owner: Francisco

IG: cisco.onelovewellnessllc

Budtender: Drake

IG: @goldjam_biznizman

Drake is a concentrate conniosseur and a cannabis enthusiast, tincture guru. When Drake is not working and being a father, he loves photography and any extreme sport!

Budtender : Tanner

IG @newobglass

Tanner is a concentrate conniosseur and knows all about glass. When Tanner is not working he is glassblowing. He also enjoys fishing, hiking, and disc golf!!

Francisco specializes in flower and concentrate. When Francisco is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

There are of a couple of budtenders who are not shown or listed on here, for personal reasons. Thank you everyone!!!

We consider all of our customers part of our One Love Family.