Our Story

Written by Reina Barboza, Co-owner, Manager, & Budtender


My husband and I have always wanted to be in the medicinal marijuana industry and luckily in 2018, the 788 bill legalizing medical cannabis in Oklahoma was passed.

I was originally diagnosed with a malignant melanoma back in August 2010, I had surgery to remove the tumor in my left thigh, and was sent to MD Anderson for a trial run. I was cancer free.............. fast forward eight years.

Four days into opening our store, One Love Wellness, I was rushed to the hospital for what was thought to be a ruptured appendix , only to find out with a CT scan that my liver, lungs and abdomen were full of tumors. I was told by the ER doctor, that I needed to find God and I was admitted into the hospital. I was in complete shock, my husband, children and parents were so upset, it had not hit me yet.

After a four day hospital stay I was released to Dr. Barman at OCSRI. I was given a full body PET scan. I lit up like a light bulb, the cancer is in my lungs, bones, liver, and abdomen. Our lives changed in an instant. 


Immediately, I began RSO, Rick Simpson Oil. I do not remember much between mid November 2018-mid February 2019 due to all of the pain medication I was on. I had lost so much weight, I was unable to get out of bed. My legs became so weak, it hurt to lift myself up, so I didn't. It hurt to walk , so I didn't. I was wheelchair bound up until February, thanks to God, unlimited amounts of prayer, my oncologist, immunotherapy, and RSO and tinctures, I was able to get up and walk with my walker. That was amazing. Funny how a year prior I was purchasing a ticket for Elton John and the ticket was in the wheelchair section. God knew it, the universe knew it. 


All of that time from November 2018-February 2019 , is a complete blur. I lost all of my muscle mass and when don't use it you lose it. I had to slowly start walking again, at first with the walker, then with a cane. In March I asked my oncologist about remission. I was told remission is not an option for me. This is a metastatic disease, and for now we are keeping it controlled with immunotherapy and bone injections. I hope a cure is in the future. For now I am just happy to be alive. The symptoms are visible on me, there also some symptoms that cannot be seen. 


Those of you, whom are affected with something like this, know you are not alone. As  you suffer and fight for your life it affects everyone around you. They are helpless because there is nothing they can do. They fight with you. I fight with you. One Love fights with you. Thank God for my husband, children, mother, father, sisters, grandmother, and the many friends whom have checked in and come to see us.


Everyday can be a struggle, if you look at it that way. Keep a positive attitude for there are others watching that need the encouragement. Smile, for everyday is a gift. One Love. If you ever need to reach out to me personally, email and or contact us on this page. I will personally email you back.  


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